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GAME ON by cartoongirl7

First time I've ever done a critique, so here we go...
Vision: This is a great piece. It shows the imagination of a kid and the creation of a new world with games. 5 Stars
Originality: This isn't exactly the most creative piece I've ever seen or heard about. But the way it's designed and shows the possibility to continue is different to me. 4 Stars
Technique: The textures and shading is top notch, some of the best I've ever seen. 5 Stars.
Impact: This piece hits home and is really a single picture of my childhood (Minus a few games). It really has a level of reality to it with the textures it has. I love the mixture of different games and ideas in such a great way. It is so great I literally am having a hard time putting it into words. 5 Star
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